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Why vitamins?

Manganese - trace elements found throughout the human body

Manganese - what is it?

Manganese, New RDA* 2mg

Manganese is found in the body as a trace element and is essential for life. The human body contains 10 to 20mg of this element which is widely distributed throughout the tissues. It is found in high concentration in the mitochondria of cells.

Manganese is a hard, brittle, greyish-white metallic element. It is readily oxidized and forms an important component of certain alloys. If manganese is breathed in excess, in the form of dust or fumes, it can lead to a condition very much like Parkinson's disease wherein tremors develop in the hands and fingers.

Only three to four, percent of the manganese present in the diet is absorbed from the intestine and reaches the blood. It is stored in the blood and liver. Serum manganese levels are almost always elevated following a myocardial infarction.

Manganese is present both naturally and as a result of contamination in soils, sediments and water.

*Sourced from EFSA WEBSITE