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Our brand new state of the art tablet manufacturing facility is completely equipped and fully accredited to manage a wide range of customer requirements. Being in the heart of Europe means we are perfectly placed to serve all our international markets.

Our comprehensive tablet manufacturing facility now provides a capacity for:

  • Various Types of Dextrose Packaging:
    • 18/27 dextrose rolls/display.
    • Triple Packs with various flavours.
    • Mixed flavoured rolls.
  • Effervescent Tablet Production:
    • Single, double and triple packs of effervescent tubes packed into printed shelf ready boxes.
    • Effervescent tube cases with 6/12 tubes.
  • Packaging Lines:
    • Various sizes of tubes with 3 or 6 tubes packed in a tray.
    • Fill sizes up to 500 tablets/tube.
    • Different shaped tubes to suit the best for our customers need.
  • Pressing Capabilities:
    • Different sized tablet compression punches.
    • Shaped tablet pressing.
    • Swallow able and chewable tablet pressing.

Our facility is IFS and BRC accredited and all our products are made to the highest GMP standards.

We dedicated to providing the best Quality to meet our customers' needs.

With high speed tablet compression machines, the ultimate priority in tablet manufacturing is to provide the very best in terms of quality. All our quality control procedures means the tablets go through rigorous testing to ensure consumer safety, product purity and the prevention of contamination.

Effervescent Tablets

The advantages of taking effervescent tablets is the quicker absorption of actives compared to those of traditional swallow able tablets. Although actives contained in a liquid form generally have limited stability, this is overcome by the formulation of effervescent tablets, which are dissolved in water just before drinking. The production process is quite a complex one and requires special packaging materials but here at Innopharma we can cater for all requirements in particularly:

  • Specialised in high dose Vit C formulations.
  • Life-style products.
  • Sugar-free technology.
  • Exceptional taste.
  • NAFNAC (No artificial flavours and No artificial colours) formulations.
  • Clear liquids with GREAT taste, after dissolution.
  • Contract manufacturing.
  • Private label services.

All our Effervescent tablets are 4g tablets and packed into printed tubes of 20 effervescent tablets.

The advantages of effervescent tablets are:

  • They can mask the taste of any ill tasting nutrients – Innopharma are renowned for their great tasting tablets!
  • A much more gentle treatment on the stomach.
  • Faster absorption.

Dextrose Tablets

Another area of our expertise is our ability to produce Dextrose tablets. We can offer:

  • Wide range of flavours.
  • Low and high dose Vit C formulations.
  • Wide range of active ingredients.
  • Modern packaging solutions.
  • Contract manufacturing possibilities.
  • Outstanding quality at a competitive price.
  • Private label services.