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Innopharma is always at the front end of whats happening in the Vitamins, minerals and supplements market. Given the nature of the industry it is imperative that we are completely up to date on all regulatory affairs and technical developments so find out more about the latest and past articles here.

Sprava Obaly

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Last updated 22-08-2017

The Power of Fish Oils

In a recently published article by The Daily Mail it has once again highlighted the many benefits of fish oils from studies carried out by researchers

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Last updated 18-11-2014

Vitamins and minerals ARE essential for the maintenance of health

The Health Supplements Information Service reiterates the importance of supplements despite the recent negative press.

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Last updated 27-02-2014

Food Supplement Health Claims

Which? have published a controversial article today (Thursday 22nd August 2013) condemning certain branded food supplement products for over - claiming in contravention of the recently implemented EU Health Claims legislation and have reported that the branded products within the article are misleading the consumers.

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Last updated 23-08-2013

Eating oily fish weekly can reduce the risk of developing Arthritis

Consuming oily fish such as salmon, mackerel and trout on a weekly basis has shown to reduce the risks of developing Rheumatoid Arthritis by 52%.

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Last updated 14-08-2013

Could applying high factor sunscreen to children be doing more harm than good?

As the weather starts to get better and the nights are drawing out, parents are applying high factor sunscreen to their children. But could they be doing more harm than good? 

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Last updated 15-05-2013

Eating Oily Fish can add extra years to your life!

Eating oily fish can help increase life expencancy according to a recent study.

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Last updated 05-04-2013

This Month is National Heart Health Month

Heart Health month recognises the need to raise awareness and money for heart disease. Heart disease is one of the biggest causes of death, in the last 10 years heart disease has been responsible for 17.5% of male deaths and 11% of female deaths in the UK.

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Last updated 06-02-2013

Vitamin D deficiency and the rise of rickets

Recent press reports say that cases of rickets have gone up four-fold in the last 15 years (rickets is a disease that causes the bones to become soft and deformed). The increase of this disease is because of many pregnant women and young children are not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin.

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Last updated 24-12-2012

Vitamin D deficiency linked to sleep disorders

According to new research more and more of us are spending most of our time in offices and homes and missing out on vital Vitamin D. Vitamin D is known as the “sunshine vitamin” because spending time outside in the sun is known to increase vitamin D levels in the body via the skin.

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Last updated 15-11-2012

Multivitamins could reduce the risk of cancer

According to a recent study in US, men taking a daily multivitamin supplement can reduce the risk of cancer.

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Last updated 18-10-2012

Health Heart Omega-3

Omega-3 fish oil is renowned for its heart health, by improving the endothelial (blood vessel) and blood pressure. Omega-3 supplements are a good way of getting them vital fatty acids that most of us are missing out on. Although Omega-3 supplements are not intended to treat or prevent any disease, it could help reducing the risks. Remember supplements are to be taken with a balanced diet!

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Last updated 14-09-2012

Principle Healthcare International Ltd Wins Queens Award For International Trade

Principle Healthcare International Ltd, one of Europe’s leading producers of vitamins, minerals and supplements, with operations in Skipton, North Yorkshire, and Slovakia, has gained a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in recognition of its outstanding achievement in International Trade.

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Last updated 25-04-2012

Government Issue Guidelines For Vitamin D Supplementation

With an increase in childhood rickets over the past 15 years the government has issued guidelines recommending some groups to take daily supplements.

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Last updated 30-01-2012

Iron Supplements Could Help Stave Off Deep Vein Thrombosis and Other Life-Threatening Blood Clots

Iron Supplements Could Help Stave Off Deep Vein Thrombosis and Other Life-Threatening Blood Clots

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Last updated 15-12-2011

Lack of Sun Exposure is Bringing Rickets Back

Recent figures have revealed that the number of British children suffering from rickets has increased tenfold over the past 15 years.
More than 760 children were admitted to hospital last year with the condition, which is caused by a shortage of vitamin D, the vital chemical which is boosted by sunlight.

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Last updated 12-12-2011

Daily Dose of Fish Oil Can Help Ease the Pain of Osteoarthritis

Although millions of people take fish oil supplement to ease aching joints, scientists could not find any hard evidence to prove it had any real benefits. However, a two year study has highlighted that even taking a low dose can help to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

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Last updated 23-11-2011

Multivitamins Help Top Up Recommended Intake of Nutrients

A recent study into the relationship between vitamin intake and premature death has been scrutinised by leading health experts.

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Last updated 13-10-2011

Vitamin E is an Essential Nutrient Vital for Cells and Organs

The paper published this week suggesting that high doses of vitamin E are associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer should not detract from the importance of this essential nutrient for health. Vitamin E is an essential nutrient vital for every cell and organ in the human body, particularly the cardiovascular, nervous and reproductive systems where it has a major role in maintaining health.

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Last updated 13-10-2011

Pale-skinned people may need extra Vitamin D

Fair-skinned people who are prone to sunburn may need to take supplements to ensure they get enough vitamin D, say experts. It appears that those with pale skin, while not deficient, may still be lacking in the essential vitamin that the body makes from sunlight.

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Last updated 05-10-2011

Vitamin B Halts Memory Loss

Daily Vitamin B pill can help stave off Alzheimer's disease 

More than 800,000 Britons suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, with the figure set to double within a generation as the population ages. In addition to this, one in six people aged over 70 suffer from Mild Cognitive Impairment with half of all sufferers progressing to dementia within five years of diagnosis.

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Last updated 14-09-2011

Does Vitamin D prevent blindness?

Research has shown that age-related macular degeneration (AMD), an eye disease that causes partial blindness caused by progressive damage to the centre of the retina at the back of the eye, may be prevented by women taking vitamin D supplements.

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Last updated 12-04-2011

Creaky joints and glucosamine

Last year around £2 billion was spent on Glucosamine products, capsules filled with the powdered shells of crabs, lobsters and prawns, compared to £30 million on Vitamin C, suggesting millions of Britons believe the supplements will protect their knees, hips, wrists and knuckles from deterioration.

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Last updated 11-04-2011

Bananas cut stroke risk

British and Italian scientists have said that eating 3 bananas a day can cut your risk of stroke. The potassium found in a banana with breakfast, one at lunch and one in the evening is said to be enough to reduce the chances of suffering a blood clot in the brain by around 21%. The same is said to apply to other potassium rich foods such as spinach, milk, fish and lentils 

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Last updated 08-04-2011

Regulatory update - April

Stronger food import controls, minimum font size suggestion, German authorities and fish oil intakes, Food Contaminant legislation and the EU Novel Foods Directive....

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Last updated 05-04-2011

Omega-3 for heart health

A recent study with Alaskan Eskimos has shown that high intakes of Omega 3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of obesity related chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
The study involved the most famous indigenous people of the US state who have a similar obesity rate to the other states but the incidence of type 2 diabetes is only 3.3% compared to 7.7% nationally.

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Last updated 30-03-2011

New sustainable Omega 3

British start-up New Horizons Global is benefitting from a UK government scheme that has seen the emerging omega-3 DHA player increase international sales and exposure for its food and animal feed businesses.
Omega-3 is essential to human health, but cannot be manufactured by the body. We normally obtain Omega-3 in our diets by eating fish such as Cod, Tuna, Salmon or by taking food supplements.

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Last updated 30-03-2011

Zinc may be a cure for the common cold

A recent study has found that Zinc supplements can reduce the severity and duration of common cold symptoms.

The new findings, published in The Cochrane Library, 2011 issue 2, concluded that taking zinc syrup, lozenges or tablets within a day of the onset of cold symptoms had a remedial effect, reducing both the severity and length of the illness.

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Last updated 16-02-2011

Innopharma wins award!


Innopharma wins Own Label Supplier Of The Year Award - July 2009. Innopharma attended theHealth & Beauty Awards Gala dinner, held in London on July 1st. We are delighted to announce that Innopharma won the prestigious 'Own Label Supplier of the Year Award', presented by Ashley Hicks...

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Last updated 11-05-2010